Sweet lovely twink enjoys hot gay pleasures with older man

Cruising down I-25 one idyllic, warm summer afternoon, I couldn’t help but help but start to panic. No matter how much Gatorade I sipped, my mouth remained dry and my tongue felt thick. It didn’t matter how good the music happened to be on the radio; I couldn’t concentrate on it. I gripped the steering wheel until my knuckles turned white. I was nervous as hell. Taking deep breaths to try and calm myself, I did my best to remind myself that I was driving towards something that I had been looking forward to for years.
Ever since a young age I had always known at the back of my mind that I was gay, or at the very least was having very “healthy” fantasies about men, I experimented a little bit with a friend in Boy Scouts.
After that I didn’t have any such further contact with men or women until college. I fantasized as regularly about girls as I did about guys. But I never even so much as dated a girl up until then. Looking back, I think it was partly because I moved around a lot growing up on the account of my father being in the Army. I was always apprehensive about making friends at first, because it seemed that as soon as I became close to someone, we would move again.
What I did find interesting was that I was, for the most part, not attracted to anyone my own age. I had a few fantasies about some of the girls in my class here and there, but never one about a guy my own age. Most of the girls I fantasized about were in their late twenties or so, and the men tended to be in their upper thirties or forties. I was attracted to the bear type: a beard or a goatee, a big thick stature, a furry chest and rounded belly. I know, it’s a weird fantasy for a teenager to be having.
In my junior year of high school my father retired to Colorado Springs. My grandfather had gone to the Air Force Academy, and had instilled in my father a love of Colorado. I didn’t really feel one way or the other about moving there, but to my surprise I made friends easily, got on the baseball team, and was having a blast.
When the time came to pick a college, I decided on Colorado State University, mostly since that’s where most of my friends had decided to go. Once up at college, it was impossible to ignore the fact that I wasn’t having any real contact with women, and it was even harder for my friends to ignore it. After my first three years of college I was left with a few ex-girlfriends, a hand full of one night stands, and my reputation as ‘one of the gay boys’ intact.
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